This has taken me a while. You know when you say; ‘the other day’ and it turns out you are talking about an event that actually happened in November 1993? Yes, that sort of ‘a while’. I’ve been contemplating joining the blog world for about 10 years but, as such, this will explain why I am now starting this one.

I am a long-term sufferer. Not physically, although I dabbled by having a brain haemorrhage, but mentally. I am a feminist. I like to rant about weird things other people don’t seem to get riled about. (Characters in films and TV shows with long hair, who do not put their hair up when there is a fight scene, I am looking at you. Put it in a sensible bun, that is all I ask). I hope to encapsulate these in a raw and personal way in this blog.

I hope that my honest, novice approach will inspire or encourage a person or two, maybe even, dare I say, help them in their mental health expedition. Who knows, I may even try to be entertaining about it.

Fancy a rant, anyone?