Behind Your Mask

As per usual I like to write a little something at the end of the year, despite as you know, I am not one for the “New year, new me” nonsense and I have already done a post about looking back throughout this year to find the things that we are grateful for. 

However, I have been inspired by a friend of mine who tweeted about being 100% themselves next year, and I love it. So much of the time we are wearing masks (both metaphorically and literally now, oh, she made a funny) and hiding our true selves. There can be a home version of you, a work version, a family version, a friend version and a social version, but what if we just … didn’t have these different versions? What if we let out our weird? What if we were authentic? 

I am not suggesting that we go out and sit somewhere public in our pants covered in Dorito crumbs and cat hairs as we would at home watching Netflix, (no? Just me?) but I am suggesting we don’t hide anymore to make others more comfortable. You can be professional at work whilst being true to yourself. If you can’t be true to yourself – are you in the right profession? Why should we hide what we like, don’t like and what we do from others because they may think it weird or abstract? 

We all have quirks and different things we like to do, aren’t those parts the most interesting things about us? If we all hide behind the metaphorical masks then we will all look the same, and where is the fun in that? 

If you are with people and you feel like you’re having to change who you are then have a look internally and try figure out why you feel like you need to do that. You are being untrue to yourself and you don’t deserve that. Be brave and be you. Start with smaller things like if you want to hug a tree on a walk? Go do it (they like a little love and a chat). Have a conversation with that sheep in the field you’re walking by. Wear that outfit you haven’t dared to yet. Make weird noises at random times? That’s cool, I do too. Does it bring you joy and make you laugh at yourself? Do it. 

This is my end of 2020 plea to you. So long as it isn’t illegal or damaging in some way to others, be you. Do what you want to do. Take off the mask (only the metaphorical ones, we don’t want your Covid, thank you very much) and show us who you really are, warts and all. I think we will love to see it. 

Congratulations on making it through 2020 everyone. I am proud of us. Much love and let’s try again next year, eh?

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